Mobile Client Portal

Clients download the Case Status mobile app, custom branded for your firm with your logo and colors. The app lets clients track the status of their case. Send updates to clients automatically so they don’t feel the need to call or text.

Clients Love the Case Status mobile app on iOS and Android!

Check out the app for yourself! Click the below button, fill out the form, and receive a text message invite link to text the mobile app as if you were a client of a law firm:

Reminders & Scheduling Clients can take ownership in their case. Equip clients with the ability to schedule appointments, automate reminders, and always have a place to go when they have questions, all without having to reach out to your staff. Cut down on 50% or more of inbound calls.

Teamwork Case Status keeps your staff looped into the client communication. With an average response time of 11 minutes, firms becoming highly efficient at responding to client inquiries. With our secure messaging portal, attorneys and paralegals can send encrypted messages from the Attorney web or mobile application to the Case Status IOS and Android application.

Mass Messaging Whether sending one message to one client or mass communication to all of your clients, it can all be done with a single click. Keep your firm front of mind and increase your reviews and referrals by 5-10x.

Automation Automate client tasks, document collection, communication, and more. Save time by utilizing tools that keep clients in the loop on what your firm is working on.

Firm Insight With an exclusive attorney dashboard view of your cases, staff management tools, and NPS tracking, you know more about your cases than ever before.

Treatment Tracking Is your firm in the personal injury space? Let clients take control of their treatment journey by allowing them to track their own treatment.

Case Status has cut down on 80% of our law firms' inbound phone calls.

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