The only texting solution built to maintain privilege

Text with your clients from a business number

Quickly Broadcast your Text Messages

Effortlessly send text messages to either one, a few, or all of your clients. Text messaging is one of the most effective forms of communication, with an amazing 98% read rate within three minutes of receiving a text message.

People never leave home without a phone

Whether on the app or communicating via text, the Case Status platform offers an immediate way to reach your clients and keep your firm in the palm of their hand.

Text Messages Built for Law Firms

Traditional text messaging can get lost in law firm communications. With Case Status all your client communications, including text messaging, are all in one, easy-to-access platform.


Can I have a custom phone number?

Yes, by default, all messages come from a verified Case Status number. Get a number in your area code when you pay your first month.

Can I send mass text messages?

Yes, when you send out a mass communication, clients will receive updates via push notification or text message based on their preference.

Can I create a group text?

Yes, up to five clients can be looped into a single communication thread and up to ten staff members will receive notifications through Case Status.

Can I receive documents from clients?

Yes, you can receive images and documents that are sent to your firm.

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