Track Client Happiness

And take the guesswork out of reviews and referrals


Collect Client Satisfaction

Throughout the case, clients are asked how likely they are to refer your firm to a friend or colleague. This satisfaction tracking is called NPS. Clients are required to give a score, giving your firm full visibility into the happiness of your customers.

Increase Reviews and Referrals

When you know which clients are happy, you take the guesswork out of generating reviews and referrals. You know exactly which clients are promoters and which clients are detracting new customers from joining your firm.


Eliminate bad reviews and BAR complaints

Identify unhappy clients early in the case process. When you know which clients are upset, you can prioritize better client engagement. Give your staff insight into which clients to prioritize like never before.

Your Clients will Love Case Status

Clients are 40% more likely to leave a review when asked on the Case Status client portal because they have been given a better experience. You will start hearing clients say things such as: the process was easy, the communication was great, I was regularly kept in the loop, and they were readily accessible.


Why is this different than sending my clients a survey?

Surveys are completed less than 1% of the time. If a survey is sent via email, emails are opened on average less than 30% of the time. Case Status asks for the feedback score in the mobile app and requires a simple 0 to 10 selection and gives an option to leave written feedback.

How will this impact my clients' Happiness?

A typical law firm has a net promoter score between 22 and 41. An average Case Status firm has a 68 or above. This means that your firm will have an increase in promoters by over 30%, meaning increased reviews and referrals.

How will this impact my Google Reviews?

Century Park Law increased their Google Reviews from 86 to 239 in 7 months, with each review being a 5-star review. Blade Injury law is a sole practitioner who gained 104 reviews in 12-months, with each being a 5-star review.

Increase Client Happiness

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